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begins with one shot.

"John really set the tone for a really great learning environment and was super approachable."

-Student Shooter

About Us

We are dedicated to revolutionizing what it means to be a Shooter. Our mission is to transcend the boundaries of conventional firearms training, fostering a holistic approach that not only enhances shooting proficiency but also cultivates invaluable life skills.

We aspire to set a new standard, shaping individuals who not only excel on the firing range but also embody the principles of integrity, leadership, and service. Through our courses, we aim to instill a sense of moral responsibility and inspire a generation of leaders who champion the values of "We The People."

Our commitment extends beyond the realm of firearms training. We strive to provide easily accessible knowledge and a mindset that empowers individuals to navigate any situation with confidence and proficiency. Utilizing the Socratic method, we guide our students towards quick, practical, and efficient decision-making, ensuring they emerge as self-sufficient operators within their communities.

At the heart of our organization is our exceptional instructor cadre. Led by John Carughi, a Marine Corps veteran and passionate firearms enthusiast, our team is dedicated to sharing their expertise and knowledge with others. John's journey underscores the importance of heritage, military service, and a commitment to excellence, serving as a testament to the power of passing on knowledge.

Joining John is Brian McNeilly, a Cloud/Network engineer and US Army Reserves Captain, and Jon Porter, an active-duty Green Beret with 18 years of service. Both bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our courses, enriching our curriculum and ensuring that our students receive the highest caliber of training.

Our training mindset and methodology are rooted in the principles of procedural memory, goal setting, and training validation. We believe in challenging ourselves to achieve excellence through consistent personal improvement, as validated by our achievements in both military and civilian shooting competitions.

We invite you to join us on a journey of growth, empowerment, and mastery. Together, let's redefine the Shooter and pave the way for a brighter future.