Handgun Mechanics
Handgun Mechanics
Handgun Mechanics
Handgun Mechanics
Handgun Mechanics
Handgun Mechanics
Handgun Mechanics
Handgun Mechanics

Handgun Mechanics

Precio habitual$425.00

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The purpose of Handgun Mechanics is to breakdown how the shooter & handgun move together as one in the most efficient manner possible while keeping in mind the priority, which is engage the target.

Being able to move in and around your environment, through tight spaces, ladders, in corridors while seeking the advantages of cover and concealment are essential skills to have. A shooters firearm must become an extension of their body. Intuitively knowing what to do in any given situation and having the tools necessary to understand it immediately is what this course is all about. Shooters will be expected to engage targets in and around your environment as well as through it during the course. After the course you will leave with not only the knowledge but the experience to progress forward.

This class is recommended for shooters of all abilities and skill levels. However, previous experience with weapons handling and safety is preferred. Recommended to take Handgun Analytics prior too, but not required. Weapons Safety is taught in all courses.



Weapons Safety,
Weapons Conditions,
Fundamentals (condensed),
Proper Weapon Setup,
Indexing the Weapon,
Draw Stroke,
Gear Setup & Ammo & Gear Management.


High Ready/Low Ready/Compressed,
Reloads (speed/tac or subconscious vs conscious),
Stoppages & Malfunctions/Immediate & Remedial Actions,
Shooting w/ & w/o gear,
Non-standard Positions.



    1. Handgun
    2. 3 Magazines at Minimum
    3. 400rnds of Ammo
    4. Ear Protection
    5. Eye Protection
    6. Chapstick
    7. Jacket
    8. Sunblock
    9. Water & Food
    10. Holster
    11. Gun belt
    12. Magazine Pouches
    13.Something to Write with and on
    14. Good attitude and an open mind