Concealed Urban Handgun Course
Concealed Urban Handgun Course
Concealed Urban Handgun Course
Concealed Urban Handgun Course
Concealed Urban Handgun Course

Concealed Urban Handgun Course

Precio habitual$500.00

Course Dates & Locations

Concealed Urban Handgun Course

The purpose of the Concealed Urban Handgun course is to provide training opportunities for Shooters who carry concealed every day, or are looking too, so that they can train, learn and apply different methods of carry and concealment in an environment that gives confidence and insight. 

What you can expect from this course: To walk away with knowledge and experience carrying and employing your concealed handgun from multiple different methods. Methods like appendix carry, the 4-6 o'clock positions, from backpacks, sling bags to vehicles and fanny packs. The course is an experiment in methods that everyone takes part in. You will also learn to shoot/deploy your firearm from standard and non-standard positions such as through barricades, several prone positions, in and around obstacles at both close and far targets that will require you to think, assess, then engage. 

This class is recommended for shooters of all abilities and skill levels. However, previous experience with weapons handling and safety is preferred. Recommended to take Handgun Analytics, Mechanics or Dynamics prior too, but not required. Weapons Safety is taught in all courses.


Weapons Safety,
Weapons Conditions,
Handgun Fundamentals (condensed),
Gear Set Up,
Loading Procedures,
Concealment Considerations,
Drawing from Concealment.
Standard/Non-Standard Shooting Positions,
Types of Concealment,
Problem Solving,
Culminating Event,
White Space. (Allowed for any additional work that may be needed.)


1. Weapon & Gear
2. 400 Rounds of Ammo
3. Ear Protection/Eye Protection
4. Your method of concealed carry along with any others you wish to try. 

5. 3 Magazines at Minimum
6. Chapstick/Jacket
7. Water & Food
8. Holster
9. Good attitude and an open mind