B5 Systems Precision Rifle Stock (short)

B5 Systems Precision Rifle Stock (short)

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The B5 Systems Collapsible Precision Stock (CPS) is an exceptional stock builds that upon the revered cheek profile of B5 Systems' SOPMOD and Bravo stocks, introducing a new level of precision and customization. Proudly made in the USA and designed to fit Milspec carbine receiver extensions, the CPS Short is a game-changer for those seeking advanced firearm enhancements.


Adjustable Cheek Weld and Butt Pad: The Precision Stock comes with precision dials for both the cheek weld and buttpad, allowing you to tailor your shooting experience for comfort and accuracy.

Accessory Cheekpiece Compatibility: Mounting slots for an Accessory Cheekpiece enable further customization to suit your shooting style.

Internal Tensioners: With 12 internal tensioners, the Collapsible Precision Stock Short ensures a stable and secure fit on your carbine receiver extension.

Color Matched Machined Hardware: Attention to detail is key, and the stock features color-matched machined hardware for a stylish and cohesive appearance.

Ambidextrous Sling Mounts: Enjoy the flexibility of ambidextrous fixed and quick disconnect sling mounts for versatile carry options.

No-Slip Cushioned Butt Pad: Shoot confidently with the no-slip cushioned buttpad, enhancing stability and recoil control.

Gross Adjustment Pull Down Lever: Easily adjust the length of pull via a pull-down lever with a lockout feature, adding convenience to your shooting experience.

Underside M-LOK® Accessory Attachment: The underside M-LOK® accessory mount provides the perfect spot for adding accessories to your firearm.

Made of Milspec Materials and Finishes: B5 Systems ensures the highest quality by crafting the CPS Short with milspec materials and finishes.

Fits Milspec Carbine Receiver Extensions: Whether you have an M4, A5, or M110K extension, the CPS Short is designed to fit them all.


Weight: 20.65 oz.
Length: 8.5 in.
Width: 2.00 in.
Height: 4.35 in.


    1. Precision Shooting: Achieve enhanced accuracy and stability for precision shooting, whether you're involved in long-range shooting or target competitions.

    2. Tactical Training: The adjustable cheek weld and buttpad make it ideal for tactical training where quick and accurate target acquisition is crucial.

    3. Hunting: Improve your hunting performance by providing a comfortable and stable shooting platform for a variety of hunting scenarios.

    4. Competitive Shooting: Gain an advantage in competitive shooting sports such as 3-Gun, Quantified Performance, or Precision Rifle Series matches with the precision and customization options of the Collapsible Precision Stock.

    5. Long-Range Shooting: Experience improved consistency and control for long-range shooting, where accuracy is paramount.

    6. Semi-Automatic Rifles: Upgrade your semi-automatic rifles, ensuring reliability and comfort during rapid fire.

    7. Accessory Attachment: Take advantage of the underside M-LOK® accessory mount for attaching accessories like monopods or rear bag riders.

    8. Versatile Firearm Configurations: The CPS Long is compatible with various milspec carbine receiver extensions (M4, A5, M110K), allowing you to use it with different firearms.

    9. Law Enforcement and Military Deployment: For law enforcement and military personnel, the CPS Long is a valuable addition to deployed firearms, ensuring adaptability and precision in the field.

    10. Tactical Matches: Perform better in tactical matches and competitions, where quick adjustments and precision shots are essential.