Mission Statement

      Our mission is to raise the standard of what it means to be an American Shooter. With a holistic approach that encompasses not only how to think about the application of shooting, but also how the same overlapping thought process should be applied to life.

      We endeavor to be an example and drive the path forward to being a better American. With this mission in mind, our hopes are to establish a nation of Americans that adhere to a higher standard of morals and integrity that inspires leaders who support “We The People.

      The endeavor that is being undertaken here is to provide easily accessible knowledge and mindset that drives tactics and equipment/gear selection for any situation one might find themselves in.

      Using the Socratic method to guide quick, practical, and efficient decision making for any situation, circumstance or purchase, the aim is to make everyone a self-sufficient operator within their home, forging the everyday American with the Protector.