Washington natives defends their home against an active shooter!

Washington natives defends their home against an active shooter!
This interview was excellent. A lot of key points to pick up on in this entire situation. From willingness/preparedness to the medias complete failure to report the truth.

The Police ended up surrounding the home and the shooter gave himself up to the authorities without further incident.

The GoFundMe for each Officer

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Video Chapters
0:00 WS Intro
0:09 Situation Intro
02:32 Cody Deeter Introduction
06:40 The truth about the shooting Cody was involved in
15:02 Thoughts on different considerations to be made
19:04 20-minute police response time, what did you do?
21:00 Why this is so significant
21:36 How the Family & community comes together during the threat
22:54 Why understanding your local Law Enforcements tactics and capabilities is important
24:08 The Deputies current conditions
26:02 What happened to the shooter?
28:42 Danger Close Armament Sponsor
28:57 The Aftermath
33:08 The dark side of armed encounters
39:08 Closing thoughts

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