Slings: Everything You Need To Know

Slings: Everything You Need To Know
I have had this video on my mind for sometime. Sling setups and the uses for the different positions that you can mount them. Essentially the less points of contact you have from sling to gun, the more maneuverable the gun is. BUT the less control the sling has on the gun against the body.
The closer the mounting points are together on the gun the more maneuverability you have on the gun, but again, less control the sling has against he body.
For the most control to hold the gun to the body so you can be hands free, set the sling connections as far away from each other as you can.
Hopefully there was nothing I forgot about slings during this ONE TAKE video.

"Why does WS act like a sketchy drug dealer or gun runner in this video?"
Good question! Well, this was Shot From the Hip in the middle of Seattle, WA. So, I tried to be discreet and effective all while keeping alert to the surroundings.

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Big thank you to all my Patrons supporters for their continued trust and fidelity!

Filmed and Edited by @zachbeamphoto (Instagram)
Camera - A7iii 50mm 1.8 FE
Microphone - Rode Video Micro
Gimbal - AK2000 Gimbal

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