Learn what Shooter's need to know about triggers!

Learn what Shooter's need to know about triggers!
There is a lot that goes into triggers. From Placement to how they move and how you can properly or improperly move them. This video goes over everything that I teach in my classes on triggers as a cover all. Remember, most traits of triggers are subjective to the individual shooter.
BTW, it was 8 degrees that day.

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Video Chapters
0:00 Drills
01:27 Video Intro
02:04 Xidax Sponsor
02:25 How the hand moves
03:38 Stages of a Trigger
08:06 Proper/Improper movement of the Trigger
13:17 Trigger Finger Placement
17:19 Full Trigger Cycle
18:25 Flat Trigger vs Curved Trigger & Trigger Weights
22:04 Final notes
24:16 Book callout
26:06 Global Ordnance Ad

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Camera - Sony a7siii
Sony Lens - G 20mm f1.8
Sony Lens - Ziess 55mm
Mic - Rode Video Mic
Gimbal - DJI Ronin RSC2

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