How To: Engage Multiple Close Quarters Targets

How To: Engage Multiple Close Quarters Targets
Target transitions are an essential skill to maintain. Whether with Rifle or Pistol, Long gun or Shotgun, the principles are the same. This demonstration shows a simple way to think & train this skill. It is NOT the only way. I am a big believer that training explanations or methodologies are only as good as the people they reach since everyone thinks of concepts differently.

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Video Chapters
0:00 WS Cinematic Intro
00:39 Multiple Target Engagements
03:54 Demonstration Drill 1
05:14 Good way to train transitions
06:35 F*ucked Up Three Target Transition
09:00 ALL to the HEAD
09:26 Almost 180 degrees of transition
12:34 Shot timers to analyze
13:30 Reiterate
14:18 Closing Notes, WS Training, WS Apparel, Hoody Shoutout
15:32 Global Ordnance AD

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Camera - Sony a7siii
Sony Lens - G 20mm f1.8
Sony Lens - Ziess 55mm
Mic - Rode Video Mic
Gimbal - DJI Ronin RSC2

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