Covert or Overt, it's perfect for Civilian work!

Covert or Overt, it's perfect for Civilian work!
The Haley Strategic Micro Chest rig. If you have doubts, don't. DO IT!

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Micro Chest Rig

Video Chapters
0:00 WS Cinematic Intro
00:56 WS HS D3CRM, WHY?
03:24 MY D3CRM Loadout
05:07 Civilian Use
07:07 Set it up for you/adaptability
08:42 Concealed in a bag
11:20 100y TGT Drill AS$1
15:37 Scoped Rifle Course/Pistol/Rifle Analytics
16:21 Relationship with HS
16:55 Closing notes
17:17 Global Ordnance AD

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Big thank you to all my Patrons supporters for their continued trust and fidelity!

Camera - Sony a7siii
Sony Lens - G 20mm f1.8
Sony Lens - Ziess 55mm
Mic - Rode Video Mic
Gimbal - DJI Ronin RSC2

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