Civil Unrest: Urban Greyman

Civil Unrest: Urban Greyman
Often times people dont know what considerations to make in the planning process of high threat incidents. During this video, my goal is to give guidelines in the form of the Socratic method. vague questions, such as what is the situation? and more specific answers to narrow down what the tactics and gear selection should be. The driving force behind all of this is MINDSET.

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Big thanks to those who made this video happen. Especially my videographer. You can find his work here as well as his Instagram. @zachbeamphoto

Concealed Carry Chest Rig

Bravo Company CQB 11 MCMR

Surefire Weapon Light

Eotech Holographic Sights

Ruger 10/22 Charger

Holosun Red Dot Sight

Enoch Industries 10/22 Chassis

Glock 19 Gen 5

Surefire Pistol Light

Filmed and edited by @zachbeamphoto (Instagram)

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