Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2020

Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2020
My first event as an Influencer for the community! Epic Shoot 2020 put on by Big Daddy Unlimited was an amazing time!

As I am new to this, you can clearly see I was just excited to shoot a lot of guns and meet a lot of people I, like you, have been watching for years. I failed to conduct on camera interviews yet I remember them all very well. My impressions of the firearms will be put out in content in the future.

Major lessons learned from this event for me were as follows
1. Every gun I shoot, make sure to say the make and model for the video prior to. (not just excitedly start banging)
2. Deliberately interview.
3. Go Live during the event.
4. Business Cards
5. Social Media mentions on the spot.

Along with a myriad of others. Stay tuned for more to come!

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This video was sponsored by Big Daddy Unlimited.
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Discount code "weaponsnatcher"

Discount code "weaponsnatcher"

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