Action Targets Steel vs Paper

Action Targets Steel vs Paper
A range day can be made or broke with or without the proper targets. Make sure you go prepared so that you arent dragging out and leaving trash behind in your local spots. Nothings worse than arriving at a destroyed range that has a high potential of being shut down because those of us in the community out there cannot pick up after themselves like an adult. \
As always... Get out and BANG!

Big Daddy Unlimited

Weapon Snatcher

Discount code "WEAPONSNATCHER"
25% off For everything.
10% off For low speed high drag comfort.
10% off For focus when ADS.
10% off For wire and sling retention.
10% off For any and all survival uses.
10% off For them bad buys.
5% off For world wandering.




Survival Dispatch -

Big thank you to all my Patrons supporters for their continued trust and fidelity!

Filmed and Edited by @zachbeamphoto (Instagram)

Camera - A7iii 50mm 1.8 FE
Microphone - Rode Video Micro
Gimbal - AK2000 Gimbal

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