Montana Black Bear Hunt

Montana Black Bear Hunt
Big thank you to for being the sponsor of this hunt, as well as @acoutdoors on instagram for going with!

-All WS Gear, Training Courses & Merch available ONLY here.

-Big Daddy Unlimited

-Weapon Snatcher Patreon

-FOR AMMO!!!!! Global Ordnance

-Rifle Used

-Optic Used
Primary Arms GLx 6-24 x 50 FFP Rifle Scope - Illuminated ACSS Athena BPR MIL

Discount code "WEAPONSNATCHER"
25% off For everything.
10% off For low speed high drag comfort.
10% off For focus when ADS.
10% off For wire and sling retention.
10% off For any and all survival uses.
10% off For them bad guys.
5% off For world wandering.

Big thank you to all my Patrons supporters for their continued trust and fidelity!

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