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It's difficult to find an instructor who is as good a shooter as he is an educator, and if you're serious about taking your abilities to the next level this is a solid investment.


Scoped Rifle Essentials Course

We went through a torrent of shooting drills that I could immediately link to real-world applications. These included individual and team (spotter/shooter) drills that honed me into a better communicator.


Scoped Rifle Advancement Course

John may not have SF tabs or a shiny trident next to his name, but, what he does have is substantial real-world experience training all levels of shooters. He’s trained Marines, Civilians, Foreign militaries, and even adapted-shooting techniques for persons with disabilities.


Handgun Analytics

John’s teaching style is both structured and informal. We stuck to a set schedule and curriculum but diverged when appropriate. The small class size ensured a lot of one-on-one instruction.


Scoped Rifle Essentials Course

John breaks down the principles of gun safety and the thorough steps to take before and after each shot, both physically and mentally. He meticulously chooses verbiage to elucidate every step so it is more memorable and applicable.


Carbine Analytics

My biggest takeaway was how terminology translates to action. He was able to clearly explain concepts and break them down into easily understood chunks. He also was able to make the class entertaining through humor and an easy to talk to demeanor.


Handgun Analytics

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