An After-Action Report of an Armed Encounter

An After-Action Report of an Armed Encounter
After Action Reports on every situation can give insight into what to implement, change or take out of your training. In this video I review an encounter I had and go over some things that continually bother me about it.

In the video I say "I kinda agree with him pulling a gun" I should have used more clear language to make the point I intended which is I agree with his anger, not his action. There was no right in any part here. The driver in his police report did say he said what he said, the cops agreed with what I did, and no one was hurt which is my ultimate goal. I apologize for the bad wording, and I will do better on the next one!

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Camera - Sony a7siii
Sony Lens - G 20mm f1.8
Sony Lens - Ziess 55mm
Mic - Rode Video Mic
Gimbal - DJI Ronin RSC2

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  • Skyviking

    Glad you did not have to use your gun, but IMHO, was not your battle to fight, as it seems the guy with the gun chasing The Fat Man was off the property of your employer on the other side of the chain-link fence (starting to sound like a film noir scene) and I assume that you are in the store’s parking lot surrounded by chain link fence. People inside the store should have had your (burner) cell phone # to alert you faster. When the chick told you the guy was right behind your car, why not drive to another position? Where’d she go? Had she already called 911? He obviously wasn’t shooting random folks, just was after the Fat Man. In any event, glad it worked out. Keep doing good stuff in Seattle. Oh, it was Tommy Lee Jones talking to Robert Downey, Jr. in “U.S. Marshals”

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